Status Offshore was founded by professional from the naval industry with large experience on procurement and project management at Shipyards, as well as multinationals equipment suppliers for rigs and ships. Our objective is to support shipyards and suppliers on purchase department, Project management, quality control, planning and sales. Our company provide inspection, verification and follow-up services, as well business consultancy and as Sales agent in Brasil.
Imagine shipbuilding world where equipment deliveries always happen on time and without mistakes and delays?
Status Offshore has skilled inspector teams located at strategic countries like Norway, Finland, USA, China and continental Europe, specialized on offshore and maritime industries, whom can be quickly deployed to the factory of your supplier, to carry-out inspections, follow-ups or to attend factory tests, utilizing professional with local language proficiency.
To build Drill-ships, FPSO, PSV, AHTS and other offshore vessels is a huge challenge. Don´t let third party delays jeopardise your financial results, ship delivery date and destroy your reputation.
Status Offshore is specialized on equipment packages follow-up.
Our mission is to minimize trouble due to late deliveries and scope of supply in disagreement with the technical specification. Supporting with our experience and know-how, obtained during our histoy of follow-ups and inspections at Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, USA, India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Japan
Monitor your supplier abroad in an intelligent way, saving direct costs related to intercontinental trips, keeping your team focused at the shipbuilding going on at you own Yard, and indirect cost savings in case of no delay and scope of supply according to technical specification. Your valuable and occupied resources do not need to be pulled-out of the shipyard, in order to carry out inspections, follow-up assembly, attend FAT or urgente meetings!

We help shipyards to maximize financial results, reducing follow-up expenditures by up to 40%, as well as indirect production costs like scrapping of pre-fabricated pipe spools and equipment fundaments, re-work, airfreights, launching or delivery delays, preventing fines due to late delivery of the ship.

Do not let bad experiences occurred at other ship constructors repeat in the same way at your shipyard. Contact our team for more information.
Not only a sales agent with extensive network in the offshore industry. An agent with technical capabilities, shipyard experience, project management, design offices and sales management experience at multinationals of big size. Ideal for the introduction of your company and new products!
Your partner world wide