One of the most important practices of quality assessment of materials, equipments and processes. Through inspections is possible to verify the conformity of the product with the technical specifications and class society requirements. Imagine shipbuilding world where equipment deliveries always happen on time and without mistakes and delays.

Utilize our lessons learned and experiences in naval industry, so we can make together an inspection plan with appropriate level of detail to be checked. The inspection of Status Offshore helps to minimize equipment defects and avoid problems to our customers, keeping control of the risks and ensuring product conformity.
Status Offshore has skilled inspector teams located at strategic countries like Norway, Finland, USA, China and continental Europe, specialized on offshore and maritime industries, whom can be quickly deployed to the factory of your supplier, to carry-out inspections, follow-ups or to attend factory tests, utilizing professional with local language proficiency.
To build Drillships, FPSO, PSV, AHTS and other offshore vessels is a huge challenge. Don´t let third party delays jeopardise your financial results, ship delivery date and destroy your reputation. Status Offshore is specialized on equipment packages follow-up.
Verification of suppliers real schedule towards agreed dates: engineering, purchase of materials, assembly and tests, in accordance to the contractual delivery date, keeping your company up to date about the progress abroad. The main goal is to avoid delay surprises. We follow-up on site, by phone and email. Our on time report and communication platforms allow preventive recommendations or corrections, whenever necessary.
We offer document flow control, material track record, fabrication process control, dimension control, tests, markings, packing and embark procedures.
To obtain the best results to our customers, Status Offshore combine experiences on enginneering, manufacturing, operations and management, combined with lessons learned.
Decide with us which equipment should be inspected and which level of verification to be adopted. Our report is taylor made for every test, including pre-defined check lists, informing the parameters to be checked, in a quick and efficient manner.
Status Offshore supports your company with our procurement expertise, subcontractor management, problem solving methods, risk analisys and action plan. To antecipate mistakes, earlier in the process, is a big competitive advantage. Some suppliers adopt low stock policy for parts (capital cost) and new deliveries can take months in case of failures. Be on the safe side. Use Status Offshore for your suppliers follow-up!
Attendance of factory acceptance test (FAT)
We attend factory tests for equipments on your behalf. These are important tests witnessed by class society and shipowners.
Excellent oportunity to check all functionalities like shutdowns, alarms and safety features, before you install and test onboard your vessel, during commissioning and sea-trials. Find out class society remarks before the issuance of the certificate. Take immediate actions to remove such remarks and avoid outstanding items prior to ship delivery.
  • We offer all procurement management to your shipyard.
  • Purchase of equipments per Project or per type of equipment.
  • Effective know-how and methods to obtain the final specification, installation manuals and final drawings from suppliers, according to the need of your engineering and design departments.
  • Utilize our team to purchase the equipments on the right sequence, according to design priority, delivery date and financing cash flow for the Project.
  • Include clauses for protection of delays used by different countries worldwide.
  • Recommendation of suppliers with best delivery on time record.
Get to know parts, features and function needed and required by the ship specification, from good to have, which increases the final cost of your vessel, without being parto f your contract with shipowner.